A Peek Inside

It dawned on me that you don’t know what Carlee looks like. I put together a few photo grids to show her slow medical decline and her progress since her surgery.


This is our girl. The 2012 pictures are when she first came to us. You can easily see the decline by the following year. Her hair was falling out. Her eyes were dim. She was in constant pain.


These photos are from her 3rd birthday. You can see her massive hair loss and how very tiny her arms were. She always had a guard on her hands to try and keep them out of her mouth. Her OCD behavior caused her to suck her fingers until the nails fell off and the skin became macerated.


And here we are now. Seven months after her feeding tube surgery. She has chub back on her cheeks. Her hair is coming back. Because she is getting such good nutrition, she only sucks her fingers as a soothing mechanism. Just like ordinary children. You can see the light back in her eyes.

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