Sweet Dreams

Carlee can climb out of her crib. Most three year olds can. However, she has no sense of self preservation. She doesn’t fall with her hands out to stop her. She isn’t aware of her surroundings. And she can flip out of a crib an onto her head in three seconds flat. Seriously, she could win a gold medal at getting out of a crib in the most unsafe way possible. When she got the feeding tube, we were concerned she would pull the tube out at night, or flip over the edge. She started sleeping in a swing. We bought the biggest swing we could find. It was supposed to hold up to forty pounds. It did not. Then she started sleeping in a car seat that was angled in a wooden box, so she could still recline without tipping herself over. She slammed around so hard in there that she broke the wooden box. Popped the sides right out, nails and all. Then she started sleeping in the car seat in the crib. It was tied down so she wouldn’t tip herself over. She has gotten out of the car seat and flipped out of the crib like some sort of baby Houdini.

We looked into getting her a safe crib. The prices are insane. As if special needs parents don’t have to pay more for every single thing for their child, the beds are in the thousands of dollars. We filed with the insurance and they turned us down at every chance. Finally, since Carlee maintained her Medicaid in her adoption, Medicaid picked up the tab. After a three month wait, her bed was delivered and set up today. Here’s a before and after!


She’s very much enjoying the space and not being strapped into a seat to sleep. In this moment I can hear her banging around in there. Her bedroom is right through our bedroom. She’s even giggling a bit. She’s safe and has a safe place to sleep and even play around in. Just for safety’s sake, I did put tights on her so hopefully, she can’t use her toes to wiggle herself out. I can’t imagine she would, but like I said, Houdini.

Here’s my girl, ready for bed. Sweet dreams little lady!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Nicki says:

    I am sooo happy to see her enjoying “HER” space, and I am so glad you will have peace of mind while she sleeps safely in her bed.

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