The Good

I’ve spent a lot of time giving Carlee’s back story. I’ve told you the bad, the ugly, and I think it’s time for the good. What can she do?

Carlee can walk for up to a minute without falling. This is a huge progression from her worst which was about ten seconds. Carlee can eat baby food and soft foods. She used to bring up everything in her system. Carlee now lives without heartburn 24 hours a day. Carlee can sign more. She can communicate that she wants more food or more of an activity. Carlee sleeps through the night, she did this before she got her new bed. She can hold a toy for up to thirty seconds. She never held a toy for more than two before. She holds and mouths plastic toys. She used to only touch things that were soft and chewable. Carlee can drink from a sippy cup while holding it for the entire time. This is a huge progression from when she would sip and throw, sip and throw, until all her cups were broken and the floor was a mess. Carlee can keep shoes on her feet. She used to hate it. She can go outside barefoot. This would have never happened a year ago, the outside scared her. Carlee can recognize a half dozen faces. She used to have no ‘stranger danger’ and would go up to anyone and cuddle, while cute, not exactly safe. She now has a sense of who(m) she likes. She notices when mommy or daddy or big brother come into a room, and will make noise when we leave. Carlee can tell us when she doesn’t like something, in her own way, versus a standard cry. Carlee can be in a non-vacuumed room and not choke. She used to put every little bit of every little thing she would find in her mouth.

She’s growing. She’s putting on weight. She’s getting taller. Her hair is filling in. Her eyes have light in them. She’s our fighter and out survivor.

Here’s a glimpse of what Carlee can do now:


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