You Just Never Know

Last night was a big event. All of my big boys are in Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. Yesterday was their Blue and Gold celebration. It’s the anniversary of scouting. It’s a big deal, dinner, skits, awards, and cake. I was nervous taking Carlee, it’s so long. I brought her high chair and strapped it to the chair next to me. And you know what? She was the best behaved out of all my children. She tried to swipe a few things off the table, but besides that, she was an angel. You just never know what’s going to happen.

The very best part? She ate. And ate. She had her baby food. Then we tried some toddler pasta bites and she ate them. Chewed nicely and swallowed. She had a few bites of mac and cheese and some green beans. Every last bit of it stayed in her stomach! I’m still amazed when she doesn’t start throwing up. Her dress stayed cleaned and her face and hair. We got so many comments on how big she’s gotten and how happy she looked. She even drank out of a new sippy cup. It doesn’t have a spout, just a slight rim. A few months ago, this never would have happened. It took her all of two seconds to figure it out. It was a loud event and she just drifted off to sleep for a few minutes. Precious! Here’s a few pictures from the event, including one of the men in my life ❤

1012559_10152026808683882_20729656_n 1496744_10152026811233882_2125333234_n 1780648_10152026818908882_2106461034_n 1977269_10152026960028882_524271236_n

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