What Goes Bump In The Night

Carlee has no sense that her new crib is an actual bed. I understand this. She’s been sleeping confined somehow for the last year. I hope this bed can hold up to her actions! I’m pretty sure she thinks it’s a soft play yard. She’s bumping around every night from 2-4. Laughing and carrying on. It’s great for her, but dang, I’m tired. I’ve been a terribly light sleeper since I became a mother. Every little bump, especially from her, wakes me up.

At two in the morning, I checked on her. She saw me and flapped her little arms and smiled a genuine smile. She toddled over to me to lift her out. This is all new just since we’ve gotten the bed. It’s so nice to see her acting her age. She saw mama and wanted out of that bed!

Mama loves you sweet girl! Mama also loves sleep.

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