Out to Eat


Going out to eat with toddlers/preschoolers is enough to try anyone’s patience. Taking Carlee out to eat is a whole new experience. We’ve nicknamed her “Viper”. When she sees something she wants, she strikes. As fast as a snake. It’s actually quite funny when it’s not dangerous. She’s been known to dive hand first into a bowl of hot soup. When we’re home, it’s easy to keep her safe and away from hot food. At a restaurant, oh it’s an adventure. First we have to move all the silverware away. Then the cups get put in the middle. Oh, shoot, she went and grabbed a tortilla chip. Then the waiters bring drinks. They unknowingly put the cup right in front of us, which is correct. Carlee goes straight for it. We’ve had a few spilled sodas. Then the food comes. The “hot plate” gets put right in front of us. Swiper no swiping! She strikes and goes for the hot food. We will never ever exclude Carlee from our activities. We want to expose her to all the things a three year old should see. But it makes for some fun nights out. Now for some fun shots of Little Miss Viper.


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