The Great Outdoors

I’m an indoor girl. I don’t like being hot or cold. I really only like being outside to sit by a pool and read. Or if I’m in Washington (that place turns me into an outdoor girl). When it’s nice outside, I do enjoy reading under a tree. Last year, Carlee HATED being outside. Her world was loud and bright and completely overwhelming. Her nutrition was still so poor and her PICA was out of control. She couldn’t be outside three seconds without putting something in her mouth. She hated the feel of grass, leaves, the dirt, anything touching her.

Yesterday this happened:

a a3 a5 a4 a1

Yes, that’s her. Standing in bare feet in the grass. That’s her walking through grass, dirt, straw and leaves. That’s her playing in the playhouse. That’s her in the wagon with her brother. That’s her holding Matthew’s hand in the rocks. That’s her laying down on the grass and looking at the clouds.

It’s a miracle in action. It’s God’s healing in action. It’s answered prayers in action. It’s her enjoying her life!

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