Busy Bees

Oh, how I hate to not blog. We’ve been busy busy bees around here. We have a new placement, a sweet baby boy nicknamed Bluebird. I wish I could show you his face, he’s adorable. He’s 15 months and walking and playing and generally being a toddler with the face of a baby. His doctor appointments and visitation schedule have finally settled down, but we were hopping there for awhile.

I have some great news about Carlee. However, it started out as really bad news. I got her out of bed on Thursday morning and her onesie had blood on it. I freaked out and when I touched her, I realized her feeding tube was gone. Thankfully with God’s awesome timing, my husband was home from work that day. After waiting around for the answering service to call back, we learned we’d have to take her to the Children’s Hospital for a replacement. The hospital is about an hour away plus traffic. Since her daddy was home he took her. After the waiting in the er for a temporary tube, they took her to radiation. There they tried for over an hour to put her GJ tube back in. They could not get the tubing through the lining of her stomach. They had to stop, so they put in a Mickey button and scheduled us for the next morning. Well, we’ve been working to get her to a Mickey button. After a few calls, I got in contact with her GI doctor who gave us the all clear to keep the Mickey button. This is a HUGE deal. The GJ has a base on it about 2 inches in diameter and an external tube about 9 inches long. This tube has been the bane of our existence. Carlee would pull it and tug it and chew it and squeeze it. Many mornings we awoke to her covered in the contents of her stomach because she’d open the tube in the night. As for superficial reasons, she always had to wear a gauze netting or a onesie over the tube to keep it in place. Oh, and bath time was a nightmare because she would pull on the tube or it would float. The Mickey button is about 1.5 inches long and .5 inches wide. NO TUBE. To feed her, we put the tube into the Mickey button, feed her, and remove the tube. It’s been just three days and we’ve all noticed a difference in the ease of her care. Carlee herself seems so much happier, nothing tugging on her and causing her pain. We are thrilled with this turn of events.

We recently had some family pictures done as well, sweet Bluebird had to be covered up, but you can get the gist of the ever growing family.

1532114_506257029476225_5781784605093933250_n 10322709_506690489432879_7245138876281166820_n 10407681_506257086142886_987755359114607513_n 10404434_506256899476238_4111703991856112938_n 10372086_506257049476223_4130876607234061814_n 10309239_506256902809571_6731997847183146659_n 10291090_506256969476231_2720259288685672850_n 10170987_506256892809572_4790752148090511854_n 10351577_506257079476220_920960721029789269_n10336685_506257006142894_3849504691628338887_n

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