Summer and Anderson Day

Summertime summertime sum sum summertime. It’s here. Old Man Winter finally accepted defeat and the sun is shining like it means it. We’ve been busy reclaiming our backyard. A year after we moved in, the lot behind us sold and they built a house, taking down every last tree. So we moved our lives out front. The trees we planted now hide our yard a bit, so we’re moving on back. I have begged for a pool for years and this Mother’s Day, that what I got. We’ve made into our little sanctuary. We have the pool with some decking and we’re redoing the back patio. I’m loving it. The kids are outside more, everyone is happy and tired by the end of the day. It’s been a lot of work, and there’s some more to go, but we’re having a blast already!

We hit off the season with a celebration. We celebrated that one year anniversary of Carlee’s adoption. We didn’t do much on her actual adoption day, because she was so sick. This year my girl was the center of attention and even got to eat some s’mores. We had a s’mores party! Our dear friends came in droves, we had about 70 people here to love on our girl! I have to say, it was a hit!

10426782_10152206877848882_5911679372381862332_n 10417541_10152195825848882_5659066369410861896_n 10415717_10152206883528882_7541752741148115969_n 10414914_10152206882063882_1826191516636047619_n 10411268_10152195825418882_2658505610039006292_n 10347180_10152206878618882_5464145924925149560_n 10313842_10152206883743882_6301380894492188628_n 10314665_10152198201133882_4505737920378359149_n 10388141_10152206883248882_5837978909786959105_n


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