Time Passes and Life Happens

Time passes and life happens and blogs get neglected. But, here I am typing away this morning. My sweet Carlee girl is making strides. She hasn’t been tubed fed in about two months!!! Everything she gets is by mouth, her food and her liquids. We put her on a high caloric diet. She’s become a different child. She just really enjoys her food and it makes her a happy child. She’s been eating lots of avocados, bananas, peanut butter, and whole milk yogurts. She’s begun eating small bits of ‘real’ food off our dinner plates. On Sunday we went out to a Mexican restaurant and she even crunch on some chips and didn’t choke. Her rumination has come along so nicely. She’s barely gagging anymore. We have noticed that when she does, it’s her way of saying she’s bored.

With Christmas around the corner, I’ve thankfully found a list of special needs toys on Amazon. Her catalog she gets makes me so mad. There are lots of things she’d enjoy, but they range from $200-$2000. Seriously, $95 for a Koosh Ball set in plastic. A $1.00 Koosh Ball. It’s sickening that they can charge that much. Most families can’t afford those prices and everything we buy for our children costs double or triple what it would for a typically developed child. They do this knowing we’ll have to go through insurance and they’ll get paid. It seems so unethical to me. With all that said, Amazon has been a God send. I’ve found about a dozen things, totally under $200. She’ll be a happy girl at Christmas. As long as I can wait until then.

We’ve begun co-op. I teach a preschool class and a movement class. Carlee seems to enjoy it. She’s not whining like last year. We push her near the table so she can see the kids and be involved. The kids in my class are just too sweet with her. They always talk to her when they come in, offer her things, and pick up her toys. I love their little hearts.

Carlee has 6 siblings that are younger than her. Twin brothers who are 2, twin sisters who are 1, and twin sister who are 2 months old. Her 1 year old sisters have joined our co-op and I got to meet them. It’s amazing to love on them, they are her full sisters. At a time, we thought we’d get them, but God had other plans. One of her sister, Sweetness, has some similar issues to Carlee. I’ve bonded so much with her, she reminds me of Carlee so much. She’s just the sweetest. She fell asleep on me last week and her mama said that she doesn’t do that with anyone. They are the cutest little girls and I’m so happy they found a loving home. And I’m thrilled that I get to cuddle with them once a week.

Our darling Bluebird is still with us. We don’t know how much longer, he might leave this month or not until next year. Foster Care is a tricky beast. He’s just a gem. Happy most of the time, but he can go from 0 to royally ticked off in about 2 seconds. I just love him.

The big boys are doing great. We’ve made some great progress in school. Sam is turning out to me a little math wiz. Shane is FINALLY reading for enjoyment and reading something besides Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He’s read the first Hunger Games and is starting The Maze Runner. I told him if he finishes the second Hunger Games, that I’d take him with me to see the third movie when it comes out. Jackson still prefers reading to writing. He’s a much easier kid if he’s allowed to type instead of write. I can’t figure out with me as their mother how much children aren’t devouring books. I’ve always loved to read and was hoping to pass that down to them. So far, not much luck. We’re reading The Giver together. They really like it. Jackson is really concerned what happens to people when they are ‘released’ and go ‘into the beyond’. Not looking forward to those chapters with him. They are all doing well in Scouts. Lots of camping trips and badge earnings. Matthew cannot wait to join them. He has been promoted to the preschool in Sunday School instead of the nursery. He came home and said “Jesus protects you.” He says it all the time. He doesn’t want to go into the classroom, but settles down quickly. He’s been in the nursery with two ladies since he was 2 months old. Mrs. Cindy came to community group last night and he ran up and hugged her so tightly. She’s been out because of surgery and he hasn’t seen her all summer. He calls the other lady, Lala, which is what her grandchildren call her. He’s claimed her.

We had a big day on Sunday. Johnny was ordained as a Deacon in church. It’s amazing to me that six years ago, we’d never been in church as a family, and now he’s a Deacon. I’m so proud of him.

I leave this Friday for a foster care retreat. I couldn’t be more excited. It’s in Pennsylvania. It’s so nice to be with my foster mama friends in person! We get two days together to share and rage and pray together. I cannot wait!!! Until next time, my friends, have a beautiful fall!


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