The Time I Got Sick

After taking care of my sick husband, low and behold, I got sick. This is my first illness since I started using essential oils. I asked my group and I came up with a solution that worked. I used a liquid vapor blend. I mixed RC with a salt packet for use in my neti pot and it was a miracle. I used copaiba in the neti pot for inflammation and pain. Basil on my ears and that worked really well to help that stuffy feeling. Eucalyptus along my jar line. After all is said and done, I was able to beat a sinus infection with no antibiotics and only one day in bed. I did use a few motrin when my headache got to bad, but the copaiba really helped with the pain too. All in all, the oils worked and well!

Also, I used the oils on my husband. Poor guy was working 12-14 hour shifts outdoors and couldn’t stay home at all. I made him a sinus blend and an awake blend. He has seemed to become a believer as well. Copaiba-Young-Living-Essential-Oil-250x250


Welcome to the Roller Coaster


Two years ago there were some foster kids in need. My friend was fighting tooth and nail to keep her kids safe. She hired a lawyer. We all wanted to help. Thus, a book was born.

Fourteen foster mothers got together and wrote our stories. Foster care is full of the highest highs and the lowest lows, sometimes in the same day (or the same hour). There are twists and turns and drops that make your stomach sick. It truly is a roller coaster. Two years later, those children my friend tried so hard to keep, have left. But, her story didn’t end and neither did ours.

Welcome to the Roller Coaster is a book born of love for a particular foster mother and her two kids. It turned into a labor of love for fourteen mothers. For some it was painful to write and others found it therapeutic. For myself, it stirred up many emotions both soul shattering and joyful. The authors are all anonymous, unless we choose to identify ourselves.

Fourteen mothers raising over 135 foster children. This book is a snapshot of some of those stories. If you’re interested in foster care or if you’ve ever thought about it, this book is for you. Foster care is hard and dirty and best and the hardest thing we’ve ever done. This book is full of all those truths.

The book is available for pre-order until December 14th. It is $14.99 plus shipping. Eventually, it will be available on Amazon and as an e-book. This is our first printing. Our hope is to have this book to you by Christmas (though it’s not a guarantee).

Come along and cry and laugh with us. Stand in line and get ready for the best roller coaster of your lives! You can order at